Tuesday, November 18, 2008


It is amazing how as a first time mother, you are greatly disturbed by any crying your child does. Along comes the second one and it is not as grating on your nerves. However, this is not so when your child is crying in distress. Lydia has been having great problems with intestinal gas that only flares up in the evening/night. Unfortunately over the counter and prescription medications are about as useful as water. It is so sad to see her little face contorted in discomfort and know that all that you are able to do is not enough to help her.

With this it seems that Lydia's pre-set bedtime is 1am. She just will not calm down and go to sleep before then. Which when she falls asleep at 1am, then gets up between 4 & 5am to eat again, and you have a 2 year old that reliably gets up between 6:30 & 7am, it just makes for a short night's sleep!!

I think that God blesses mothers with amnesia about part of the first couple of months. While I remember Josiah being fussy and having gas, I don't remember him having it this bad or with such a sleep schedule. I think this is God's method to keep the human race going generation after generation, because if not, society would be full of only children!

Jeneson has helped me put this into perspective and now I am hoping that she does not learn to sleep through the night. I can hear all the mothers out there crying out "WHAT!?!?" at this point. But there really is a rationale for this. We leave for India in January and they are about 11 hours ahead of us. So I may have some better nights sleep while we are still here, but then once we get over to India, she will completely have her days and nights mixed up! So for now, we are just going to go with her flow.

More on the India trip next...

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