Sunday, May 3, 2009

16 (almost 15) days and counting

The countdown begins again. As you can tell by the title, both Jeneson and I are very anxious to finally get back home. It has been great being here and a wonderful experience for all of us on so many different levels, but now we are in the home stretch (pun intended). I am so glad that Jeneson has gotten to spend some good quality time with his parents and that they have really gotten to know the kids. I am sooo grateful for the time that I have been able to spend with my family here and with Minie and Mom in the kitchen and learning how to cook some good Indian food. Josiah will certainly miss his Appachin and Ammachi along with Minie Aunty, Jenny & Jonnathan. Our goal this last couple of weeks is to get some video of the kids, especially Lydia, with all the family. In these last two weeks we just have some last minute shopping to do and to get some family photos taken. we look forward to seeing you all when we return. HOpe you all enjoyed all the pics of Goa.

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amie said...

hi sandy! i have loved reading your blog about your time in india! such a great opportunity - although difficult at times! i hope you'll cont. your blog and updates about the journey God is taking you guys on!!! this semester is finally over and i'm very relieved about that!!! i do miss many things about LCHC and chicago in general. i haven't been back there since i left, but might try to stop in for a quick visit this summer! will you be working there again, or will you be staying at home with the kids?
i'll be praying for you guys as you leave and make the transition back to the states, especially for the kids . . . well, and for your patience with them!!!