Sunday, July 5, 2009

Well here I am on a beautiful Sunday morning sitting at home with a sleeping baby and a sick toddler when I would much rather be in church. Oh, the perils of motherhood! The 4th was pretty uneventful for us, after a nice cookout at friends house we came home to put the kiddos to sleep. Josiah did not want to go to the fireworks and actually slept through most of the firework noise. However, when the finale woke him up he felt feverish. After 2 doses of Motrin throughout the night we decided to look in his throat this morning. Despite not complaining of any sore throat or neck pain or ear pain it appears that he has strep throat! I know I comment a lot on how active Josiah is, so it is really weird to see him just laying on the couch resting or sitting still and not talking through a 30 minute video(yes, I let him watch videos when he is sick).
Another thing I have noticed about him this past week is that although he is in the 'why' stage of development, he doesn't has why. This smarty does not ask why we ask him to do or not do something, instead he infers an answer and then phrases it in a question. For example, when I tell him not to throw blocks at Lydia he does not ask 'why', but instead says 'because it could hurt her?' What kind of kid does this!! I also counted a 14 word sentence the other day! Lydia is crawling fast as lightening and is on the verge of standing by herself. It is only a matter of time before I have two children to run after!

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