Monday, April 5, 2010

How do they do it?

How do the moms and dads in Sierra Leone do it? How to they cope when their kids are sick?

This past weekend Josiah was sick with a fever and stomach flu and Lydia is getting multiple teeth in which makes her cranky and gives her rank diarrhea (i.e. both her mouth and butt hurt). Thankfully with our medical background and a Walgreens on every corner we knew what to do for them and had no problem getting Tylenol, Motrin, diaper cream, pedialyte and whatever food Josiah would try to eat. Yet, still the way that Josiah just quietly laid around (far from his usual energizer bunny talkative self) and Lydia's pitiful cry when her teeth started to hurt or when you changed her diaper was just heartbreaking. While I'm sure that the Mom's in Sierra Leone are quite resourceful with natural remedies there must be times when they feel completely helpless.

This is where faith in Christ and Mokanji hospital can make a difference. While us going to Sierra Leone is not going to cure every illness and ailment, we CAN make a difference. We can show and share the love of Christ and the knowledge that He is the great physician. The radical transformation that Christ can make in their lives. That He can work miracles and that He has also sent us to share with the people of Sierra Leone our medical knowledge and medicines.

Just a little thought from this weekend.

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