Saturday, March 7, 2009

Night construction, cold showers, & potty training

I know, quite the conglomeration of topics this time. The first of note is road construction at night. Now I know that most of you are thinking, big deal, they work on the interstates at night all the time. Yes, that is true, but do they ever work on the road right outside your bedroom window during the night? Dad & Mom's building is a couple of hundred of yards away from a fairly busy turnaround intersection that also is home to quite a few bus stops. The rationale is that b/c this is a busy intersection, traffic cannot be disrupted during the day with construction. So, therefore, the construction vehicles start rolling in around 11pm and work until about 5am. We are talking about backhoes digging up asphalt and loudly dropping it into dump trucks! This has been going on for almost 2 weeks now and it does not look like they are going to be done anytime soon. Just because of this we have started using the AC in our room b/c we have to keep the window closed and the room becomes a sauna with the body heat of 4 people and no air circulation.

Talking about AC, we are starting to enter the season of cold showers here in India. It has been getting increasingly hotter here and even the papers have been commenting that it is a warmer March than usual. Daytime highs have been around 94 degrees and it is only getting down to about 75 degrees at night. This is about 6-7 degrees warmer than usual and it is only going to get worse from here as May is the pinnacle of the heat before the rainy season starts in June.

Now for some great news...Josiah is almost completely potty trained. For about the last week, he has been about 95% potty trained and has even stayed dry during his naps the last several days. He still wears a diaper at night, but we can work on that later. Jeneson and I are so very proud of him and his reward for doing good all day is to get a little treat of ice cream. Josiah is also loving his school. He goes everyday from 11:30am-1:30pm which provides him with some good playtime and gives us a little break. Lydia is growing, growing, growing. She is now rolling all over the floor, likes to be sitting up and held in a standing position. She is even getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth. I am really hoping that she does not start crawling soon as I don't want to chase two little ones around the flat! Well, time for a few minutes of sleep before the construction starts!

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