Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ho Hum

Not much new here which I guess means that we have settled into a routine and are doing fine. Josiah is still loving school, it is sad that he only has two more weeks left. He is doing great on the potty training and we have even ventured out on short outings in just underwear. Lydia is now officially crawling, but is still slow and methodical about it, she loves to go after paper and crawls to the kitchen to visit the ladies. I'm getting more comfortable and independent in the kitchen and have now started to write down some recipes. I'll be happy to share them with others when I get home as long as you are comfortable with approximate measurements and adding spices according to your tastes. Jeneson and I are currently planning for a vacation to Goa (relaxation and beaches) for just the 4 of us for the end of April. Then just a few more weeks and we will be home (according to Jeneson's FB page, there are only 53 more days). While we are settling in here, we both miss home and the comforts of our own place and routine. I personally miss watching Josiah play at the playground and am thankful that it will be warm enough when we get back to start hitting the playgrounds. That's all for now. We would love to get e-mails from you guys who read this to keep us connected to you all.


Leah said...

This is Leah Kelley from the Harvest flock. Hi, Sandy! It's been neat to read your updates! I'm happy you and Jeneson and the kiddos are doing well.

Lindsay said...

Hey, Sandy! It's Lindsay - also from your old Harvest flock. I've really enjoyed reading your blog and am moved by the sacrifice that you and J have made to minister in India. I cannot begin to imagine the spiritual, physical and emotional changes God has brought you through. Prayers for all of you!