Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, He is Risen indeed!! We had a nice Easter here. First on Thursday evening we had a communion service celebrating the Last Supper, then came Good Friday service and Easter service today. I will up load the album that has some pics from church. It was great to be able to celebrate this year with Jeneson's family and all the church members. Not too much new here, which is good. We are getting ready to leave for Goa on Tuesday for what we pray will be a nice relaxing vacation at the beach.

The newest thing here in Ghatkopar is the mall. Yes, I typed correctly. It is actually only a 5 minute rickshaw ride away. This is apparently the biggest mall in Mumbai, although most of the stores have not opened yet. They have a few of their main stores open, including one called Big Bazaar which is kind of like a Super Walmart on a smaller scale. Another store is like a Kohl's type store with clothes, jewelry, furniture, household stuff and more. It is like walking around a mall in the States. It certainly is quite a shock to go there. It is not shocking that you can get this stuff in Mumbai, but the location is a bit odd. For those familiar with Chicago think of a Yorktown mall in the middle of the Austin or Lawndale neighborhoods, but more extreme. I think I have mentioned previously what living here is like and some of the conditions that people here live with. You literally walk out of the mall and are visually assaulted with the reality of poverty of people living in 10' x 10' shacks, kids running around naked, and garbage bins overflowing with refuse. It certainly makes one think about the items in the bag that you are carrying, the ease of affordability and their necessity. I thank God many times a day for all the blessing that He has given us.

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MOM said...

More beautiful pictures!! What a wonderful family. God's blessings and enjoy Goa.