Saturday, April 25, 2009

Beach bums

Well, we have been beach bums for the past week and a half during our vacation to Goa. The resort has been beautiful and they did not even give us any hassle for changing our room after 3 days. Our first room was beautiful, but it was pool side and they have entertainment every night from 7:30pm - 10:30 pm. Not the most ideal when you have 2 kiddos that go to bed between 7 & 8. Our new room is away from the pool, nice and quite and on the second floor, so we can open our curtains to a beautiful field area with coconut trees and birds.

We have developed a good routine here. After waking up at about 6:30 we go to breakfast at 7:30; the omelet station is delicious. Then we head back to the room for the sun screen application and one of us heads to either the pool or beach with Josiah while the other one hangs out in the room while Lydia takes her nap. Josiah loves swimming in the pool and at the beach will spend a couple of hours playing in the sand and jumping in the waves. After playtime comes a lunch of PB sandwiches and bananas; some would call us cheap, but I just say that we like peanut butter. I try to coordinate so that we can all get an afternoon nap together, it is absolute bliss when it all works out. Then we head out to the beach for dinner at one of the many delicious (and cheap) beach shacks and a nice walk before heading home for bed. Ah, the life of the unemployed on vacation in Goa. We head back to Mumbai on Wednesday and then just 3 short weeks until we are back on US soil. We have had a great time in India, but are looking forward to getting back home. I think we will be in for a shock when we have to get back into the routine of work and stuff. More later, including pics.


Aunt Katy said...

Wish that I could be playing at the Beach with Josiah and Lydia. Enjoy your last few days there. Hope all is well and we Love you and will see you soon!!!

Anonymous said...

You are having a once in a lifetime experience and I know at least I envy you! I can only imagine the idyllic time you are spending and the joy of being together in a romantic and beautiful setting. I only hope you can get used to the “Grind” back in the US.
Then next time you go leave Josiah and Lydia at home with Joe and Sandy and take me.