Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Trust issues

Do you have trust issues?

I think that most of us, predominantly due to some negative past experience, have trust issues. Maybe you are reluctant to share something with your family because of some past hurt. Maybe you are afraid to share something that is close to your heart in your church small group because you are unsure that confidentiality will be maintained. Regardless of the reason, we all have some degree of trust issues.

But, do you have a trust issue with God? Do we believe the God we believe in ?

It is so easy to say "I trust God", but do your actions speak louder than your words?

Jeneson and I were talking about this the other day and he said that seeing the trust that his parents had helped foster the trust in God that he has. As he puts it: "during difficult times they prayed, during more difficult times they prayed even harder and longer and during good times they prayed even harder and longer than before." He saw time and time again when there was no human way for something to occur and through prayer and trust in God they were provided for. What a wonderful legacy to leave your children!

Jeneson and I pray that we are demonstrating our trust in God to our children through our words and deeds. There have been many times where we were unsure of the next step, but prayerfully placed our trust in our Heavenly Father. He has often provided over and above what we were praying for!

God does not respond to our desperation as much as He responds to our faith and trust in Him. Sometimes it is that desperation that breaks us and brings us to our knees and causes us to trust God.

However, we cannot mistake a cry of desperation for trust.When we compare and contrast the healing of the woman with the issue of blood for twelve years and the daughter of Jairus (Mark 5:21-43), we see in the woman a mixture of faith and desperation, and Jesus is quick seek her out and tell her that it her faith in Him and not her desperation or superstition that brought about her healing. To Jairus who is waiting beside Him anxiously, Jesus continues to admonish 'Do not fear, Only believe'. God wants our genuine, no holds barred trust and faith, not a plan B of our own self-reliance.
Are you trusting God whole heartedly? Do you believe the God you believe in when He says 'only believe' ?