Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Where are we at?

This is such a loaded question...
Where are we at spiritually?
Where are we at physically?
Where are we at on our support raising?

A many faceted question.

We are doing well here spiritually. We are continuing to see God move in such amazing ways and providing for us beyond what we are seeking. This does fabulous things to ones faith. We pray for a job, God provides one that suits our needs. We pray for our support raising and we are seeing God raise up people near and far, old friends and new friends.

The journey to trusting in God is not necessarily an easy one. I had to learn to give up A LOT of control. And those who know me, know that this is a big issue for me as I like my control and organization. But once you start trusting God, it us much easier to continue as God shows himself faithful to his promises to us.

Now, where are we at physically? Where are we going to be? And when are we going where?

Well, right now we are still in Elmhurst. In a week, we will be in warm India. I tell you, I am looking forward to the warmth! I think that all my travels and living in India, Africa, and Louisiana has thinned my blood to the point that I just don't tolerate the cold very well. I never liked the cold, but now I loathe it! We will be spending the majority of January in India visiting Jeneson's family. His Mom is sooo anxious to see her grandkids!

We are still praying that our house gets completed by February so that we can move to Sierra Leone by the end of February. Right now they are having supply issues of getting supplies from Freetown out to Mokanji. They have been waiting over a month and a half for the floor tile. There aren't exactly any Home Depots in the area to stock up on supplies. So, if you think of it, please pray that the tile gets there soon so that the work can continue.

Will keep you updated on how things are going. Thanks for all your prayers and support!

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Cindy said...

i'm excited for you! great things are coming!