Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Not exactly routine

Ok, so since coming back from Kerala, we have not exactly been able to fall back into a routine like I had hoped. Right now we need prayers for health and perseverance. For the last 48 hours Josiah has been sick with vomiting and diarrhea, we started him on medicine and he seems to be doing a little better. I hurt my foot while we were in Kerala and it is just getting worse, so tomorrow I will go and get an x-ray done. Jeneson thinks that it is a stress fracture, I am praying that it will get miraculously better overnight. One thing, it is certainly nice to have a father-in-law who is a doctor. It certainly makes getting medicine and x-rays and seeing an ortho doc much easier.

All this has made both Jeneson and I stressed out. Thankfully we seem to alternate days. On the days that I am frustrated with Josiah and am just wanting to go home, Jeneson has patience with Josiah and is able to put everything into perspective. Likewise, when he is having a bad day, I am able to work better with Josiah and keep perspective. We do have to remind ourselves that we are not here for us, but for the kids and for Dad & Mom. It has been great seeing them interact with the kids, especially Lydia. And, although I do not understand any of the conversation, it has been great seeing Jeneson have some good conversations with his parents. I often remind myself that time, even 24 hours, will give me new perspective on the frustration moments/days.

Today I did go out and get a few things. We bought a little bed for Lydia as she was starting to out grow the suitcase. I also got a little desk with chair for Josiah in the hopes that we will be able to do school time. I have high hopes for getting back in a routine next week. I am also working on getting the Kerala photos together and hope to have them up on the blog in the next week.

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