Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thanks for the prayers

Thanks for all your prayers. Josiah is feeling back to his normal self. Lydia loves her new bed and slept well last night and today for her naps. My foot still hurts, but the x-rays don't show any fractures. Jeneson and I had a breakthrough this morning. I was yelling at Jeneson that we cannot yell at Josiah anymore after we both yelled at him this morning. So Jeneson declared at least a 24 hour moratorium on yelling. Today has been much better. I have found myself being more gentle with Josiah and in turn he seemed to be more gentle with Lydia today. Please continue to pray that God gives Josiah an obedient, gentle heart and gives Jeneson and I hearts of gratitude, gentleness, patience, and understanding.

I'm still working on those Kerala pictures. I have downloaded, organized, and tagged all 400 some photos and put about 75 of them in a blog folder. I figured that nobody would want to see all 400+ photos. Now if I can only get shutterfly to cooperate. I know that many are keeping up with our blog to keep up with our adventures, but we would also love to get updated from you all. We sometimes feel a little isolated and are missing our friends and family, so if you get a chance, send us an e-mail letting us know how you and your families are doing.

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Anonymous said...

Sandy and Jeneson,
We are following your trip by reading your blog. It means we can get a glimpse of life in another part of the world we wouldn't ordinarily see! Keep up with the entries and add more of the photos if you can. Being able to vent a little as you write about your experiences can only be helpful for your sanity! We know you have plenty of patience and understanding to get through this because you are parents! Take care and enjoy the ride,
Carol and Steve in Colorado