Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Village life

So what is life like in Mokanji? Slower pace. Community living. Laid back. Rustic. Peaceful. These are all words to describe village life.

The only running water is from the hand pumped well.

The only electricity is from the rare generator.

Food is cooked in a coal pot or over a 3 stone fire, either way the fuel is coal.

Laundry is done by hand and hung in the hot African sun to dry.

Chickens are truly free range and goats are tethered so that they don't eat up every piece of vegetation or relieve themselves too close to the well.

There are no latrines.

At night there are more stars than the human eye can comprehend and the only lights you see are the little flashlights as people walk by and lightening flashing in the distance.

The spiders are big, but my shoe is bigger.

You are grateful for the bats that glide under the porch rafters because you know that means a few less mosquitos.

There are a plethora of misconceptions about health and wellness and disease.

Death is common place.

There are some really cool lizards.

Even in the middle of Africa you can dance your troubles away a couple of nights a week at Mokanji's Old Skol Nite Klub (thanks to a generator).

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Cindy said...

you had me until "spiders"!