Wednesday, December 24, 2008


It's Christmas Eve, we just returned from a lovely Christmas Eve service at church, watched a Christmas video and put both munchkins to bed. It is amazing that it is 9:30pm and both the kids are asleep and Jeneson and I are both awake. Usually by this time at least one of us is asleep on the couch. Jeneson and I have never been much into gift giving and even more so once we had kids. We want the focus for the season to be on the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ, not on getting presents. Josiah does not even know who Santa is as we are teaching him that Christmas is a celebration of Jesus' birth. How do you try to explain this to the rest of the world? Right now since Josiah is so young we just kind of brush off the 'what is Santa bringing you for Christmas?' question. Do we respond that we don't do the Santa thing or what?

Only 2 more weeks until we leave for India. With the weather lately, we have definitely been praying for good weather on Jan 7th. We have also been busy getting together with friends and family for one more time before we leave. I have been ambitious in trying to get some sort of preschool curriculum ready for Josiah for India. I am suspecting that we won't have much structure to our days, so I am trying to figure out some sort of routine for him. I found a great theme-based preschool curriculum book at the local teacher store and have spent the last 4 days, cutting out little objects, making copies, getting things laminated and making a list of craft supplies to try to get before leaving. This book is great with lots of detailed ideas and seeing as I am not all that imaginative I need the details. Now I just need to go over this stuff with the expert in the family, my sister the preschool/kindergarten teacher.


Bridgett said...

I finally visited your blog! You're now one of my RSS feeds. :)

I'm still awake and it's 11:45 PM! Well, I too felt the need to do a blog post before bed. And it's our tree. I keep staring at this tree (I posted a pic on my blog). One night, I even curled up on the couch, 'cause I wanted to fall asleep looking at it. Goofy, I know.

As far as the Santa wasn't an issue until this year. Now that MR and Z are aware, they are asking questions, like "Is he real?" It's tough because, I don't wanna be the "evil" family whose kids tell all the other kids that there is no Santa. Ug.I'm sure if I really cared, which I don't yet, I could Google some key words and get a wealth of info on how other families navigate...

Merry Jesusmas, the Abrahams!

Tammy Pulver DUMC said...

If it helps, here is how we addressed the whole "Santa thing"...Rob and I explained to our boys that Santa is so full of the love of Jesus that he wanted to give gifts to all of the boys and girls of the world to celebrate his birth. We stressed that Jesus is the greatest gift of all and that by exchanging gifts, we remember the gift of his birth. Whatever you decide to do in the future, it becomes even more difficult to keep the focus on JESUS!