Thursday, December 4, 2008

World News

We are so American-centric here in the United States. The recent news coverage of the attacks in Mumbai just exemplified this notion. We don't have cable, therefore don't get CNN, FOX News, or the millions of other news channels, however, we were visiting my parents during those days. The Mumbai attacks were being constantly covered. My theory is that the reason for this is the targeting of Americans and Britons by the attackers. Where was the recent coverage on the regular (ABC, NBC, CBS) networks on the recent deaths of more than 400 people during clashes between Christians and Muslims after local elections in Jos, Nigeria? What about the cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe that has claimed over 500 lives? The mismanagement by Mugabe with astronomical inflation and almost half of the country needing emergency food aid is essentially not covered in the news. The only way I keep updated about international issues such as these (outside the internet) is BBC news on either the radio or PBS.

Our American-centricity starts out early. Our schools do a dismal job of teaching world history (the world includes more that the US and Europe) and geography (I dare you to find Nigeria or Zimbabwe on the map). I was not always so up on international news. I think having a husband who was born in India, helped to open my eyes. I realized that there is a bigger world outside of the United States and that I really know very little about it's history. I challenge everybody reading this blog to make a concerted effort to at least read some world news headlines from the internet everyday in order to broaden your 'world view.'

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