Wednesday, December 31, 2008

1 Week

It's hard to imagine that in 7 days and 12 hours we will be in a plane over the Eastern US on our way to London and then ultimately to Mumbai. How do you pack for a 5 month visit? There are so many things I could take, but do we really need it all? The question is what do we need. The true answer is that outside of God we don't need anything. Sure, material things are great and all, but generally not necessary. So, I am trying to strike the balance between packing simply and packing in anticipation of a thousand different scenarios. I guess that's the mom in me. The biggest question for me is what do we bring for Josiah? I know that Jeneson and I can do without many things and can survive/thrive with very little and Lydia is only 3 months old, so outside of me and my breasts and a few toys what else does she need. Like I mentioned before, I am trying to gather some preschool curriculum materials and art supplies. That along with some familiar toys is going to take up one suitcase (good thing we are allowed 6 checked bags). I really need to start writing down some of the many lists that I have going in my head of things we need to do before the plane takes off.

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Katy said...

Just please don't turn into Dad within the next week and everything will be just fine!! LOVE YOU!