Sunday, January 4, 2009

Less than 3 days

The countdown continues. Those lists in my head and paper continue to flow as we prepare for our new adventure. Thankfully when we went to church today, I was reminded of a few things: God is our constant, consistent companion. We cannot rely on others to our providers, whether it be provision of shelter, food, love, money, security, safety, material things, the list could go on. The Lord is my strength, shelter and provider of all.

After church today, we were pleasantly surprised by an out pouring of love and support by some of our brothers and sisters in Christ. We thought we were going for a relaxed lunch with friends but walked into a living room filled with people wanting to pray with us and send us off to India with love. We were so touched to have so many praying over us and know that they will also be praying for us while we are away. While our objective for this trip is to spend time with family, we are anxious to see if God will use us in other ways.

Ok, now off to make more lists. I think we will actually start to pack tomorrow.

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