Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hello from India!

Well, after a 48 hour frenzy of packing, shifting luggage around, weighting, unpacking and redistributing packed contents along with some last minute errands we finally boarded the airplane on Wednesday afternoon. Thankfully the weather cooperated and we took off shortly after our scheduled time. Again God/motherhood/sleep deprivation/jet lag amnesia has set and looking back the kids did quite well. Of course, we did have moments when our active 2 year old was not happy about his small area of space on the plane and wanted to get out.

After 2 long flights (about 7 ½ and then 8 hours) along with a 4 hour layover in London we finally arrived in Mumbai at 12:45am on Friday morning. Of course, just as the plane was taxiing to the gate Josiah fell asleep for long enough to recharge and was a spitball of energy for the next 5-6 hours. By the time we retrieved our 4 bags (we almost lost one), went through passport clearance, customs, found Dad, Minie & Jonathan, found the van and driver and got home it was almost 4am!! Talk about being tired.

It has been an adjustment over the last 36 hours, but we are all healthy, happy and just a bit tired yet. Last night just as one child fell asleep, the other one would wake up! I have realized that I need to relax my expectations right now and use a little more TLC. This slapped me in the face our first night. Josiah did not want to go to bed, even though I was laying right next to him and he was exhausted. I have to say I was getting quite frustrated and was not the most patient or nice mom. It was not until I finally took my little boy into my arms and rocked him to sleep in about 5 minutes flat that I realized he was just freaking out a little with all the newness and activities and wanted some loving reassurrance from his Mommy. I have to keep reminding myself that he is only 2 years old and we have just brought him half way around the world to a place he does not yet know with people he knows only in pictures. Please pray that the kids adjust quickly to being 12 hours ahead and that we are able to relax and enjoy our time here. At the very least, it is nice and warm here (~80 degrees). Sorry to our family/friends in Chicago, didn’t mean to rub it in your face. Will try to blog in a couple of days when I have caught up on some more sleep! Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we start our adventure and adjust to living in Mumbai.


Jim said...

We are happy that you made the trip safe and in one piece. While I have had my share of travels the one you just endured takes the cake. I'm sure you enjoyed the 4hr layove in the UK if for no other reason than to stretch your legs.

Take care and enjoy your time with your family.


Bridgett said...

thanks a bunch for taking the time to keep us updated.

Big hugs from all of us--in about a foot of snow and 20F degree weather. :)

shark said...

The Lord is good!! Steelers win! and both punk Mannings eliminated!!!