Saturday, January 24, 2009

Faith & Patience

This week has been a little rougher than I was hoping that it would be. I seem to be severely lacking in patience when dealing with my 2 year old son and I have to say that I take much of the blame. I need to keep reminding myself that he is ONLY 2 and just 2 weeks ago we were at home, in a familiar environment with lots to keep us busy. Ghatkopar is not the best place to be an active 2 year old as there are no sidewalks, no real grassy areas to run around in and no playgrounds. So, needless to say, he tries to keep himself busy, but not exactly using the best methods. We do get out a couple of times a day, but there is not much to do. However, he does like saying 'good morning' to the watchmen and shaking their hands

I finally figured out this morning that the real reason that my patience is lacking is that my priorities have not been in order and I have not been spending time with God and His Word. Additionally, I have not been taking time out for myself either. So, I started a new routine this morning (we will see how long it lasts). After getting up, Josiah and I will do devotions and then he will read his Bible, while I read mine. Then comes my time to go for a walk and become the focal staring point in the area. The road that Dad & Mom live on is not crazy busy in the morning, so many people from the area use it as their walking path. It is about a city block long with a center divider, so there I am (with Lydia in a front carrier, not sure if they are staring at me or Lydia in her carrier more) walking up one side and down the other while Jeneson and Josiah are out on the balcony keeping an eye out for me. It was great to be outside and getting some exercise, I'll have to try it again tomorrow.

Next Saturday we will be taking a vacation from our vacation as we will be going down south to Kerala to a wedding, to meet some family, and most of all to relax and enjoy what I hear are beautiful beaches. Josiah and I have some really cool Indian duds to wear and will certainly post some of those photos. We fly down there and I think we will be down there for about 2 weeks and then take a train back so we can see some of the countryside. I have had a couple of requests for more pictures on the blog, which means that I have to take some more. I'll try to take some of church tomorrow and get those posted soon. We appreciate everybody's prayers and please continue to pray for our transition as we are truly blessed to have this opportunity and want to take full advantage of it.

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Kelly said...

I so relate to the impatience and lack of priorities and I am in the comfort of home! God will sustain you, Sandy! (and me) Looking forward to the pictures! Good to skype, or attempt. We'll have to try again. Is there a time Josiah and Mary are both up at the same time?