Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Going native

Well, I think I am starting to blend in a little here. It's that or I'm becoming immune to the looks of disbelief that seem to follow me. I think it helps that when I go out I rarely wear 'Western clothes'. It has also given Mom some direction for when we go shopping, otherwise she will just buy a lot of stuff that I really won't wear. Monday was Republic Day here (think Flag Day) so my niece and nephew did not have any classes. So, the four of us along with Minie (sister-in-law) and Johnathan and Jennifer went to the Hanging Gardens, which is actually not hanging. It is basically a large grassy/garden like area that also has a playground. The weather was beautiful and sunny, but not too hot and there was a nice breeze. Josiah had a grand time running around and loved climbing with his cousins on the playground. And I actually saw some Caucasians for the first time since arriving. I thought it quite ironic that I would find myself staring at them as much as the Indians stare at me!! Does this mean that I am starting to feel at home and comfortable here?

I am certainly getting used to the traffic and crowds. I can risk life and limb and cross the street with the best of them. I confidently walk down the street by myself or with the kids, to the little medical store to buy diapers (which I have to do every couple of days as they only come in packages of 2, 5, or 10), and no longer clench my teeth when riding in a car or rickshaw. It is quite unnerving to have 2 lanes of traffic each way on a road with absolutely no lane markers!! The rickshaw drivers are amazing in that they come within inches of pedestrians, motorcycles, buses and trucks without batting an eye and know the turn around radius of their rickshaw down to the millimeter. On the road at the same intersection you can see bicycles, motorcycles, 3 wheeled rickshaws and small trucks, taxis, buses, big lorry (delivery) trucks, dogs, cows, push carts piled high with banana, garlic, onions, and the like. Certainly a sight to see!

Josiah is slowly getting better and I am thankful to God for providing me with more patience to deal with him. On Saturday we fly down south to Kerala for about 2 weeks and I'm not sure if we are going to be able to get online and blog or not. So, please pray for our continued patience with the kids, safe journeys and a fun and relaxing time.

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