Thursday, July 29, 2010

We Plan, God Laughs!!

Lesson for the day, God is in control! It is amazing how much perspective one can obtain after 12 hours of time and a couple of hours of sleep! I was hoping that by this time I would be posting a blog announcing the arrival of Abraham #3. However, God (and the baby) had other plans. I went into the hospital last night to get my labor induced via some more natural methods, knowing that if I got started on Pitocin (IV medication to stimulate contractions) that the baby would have to come out one way or another and I want to avoid a c-section at all costs. Our baby had a different plan. After 12 hours in the hospital my contractions never really progressed and my cervix never really dilated and I came back home this morning exhausted and disappointed. Disappointed in myself, the whole situation, and yes, disappointed in God.

The lesson in this - God is in control!! I think that I have so much going on that is out of my hands right now that I wanted to have a little control over this event - the birth of our third baby. By this evening I had heard God loud and clear - He is the creator and author of life and I must relinquish control of my WHOLE life over to Him. So, now we go on with life and once again wait for God's perfect timing.

Josiah frequently prays/tells Jesus that he doesn't want it to rain or storm when he hears that prediction in the weather forecast. So in that same way, I am praying for a quick and safe delivery and would love for it to be sooner rather than later. Will keep you all updated when the newest member of the Abraham family makes his or her appearance!


bergenbulletinboard said...

My prayer for you last night and throughout today was that you would surrender to God's plan for this birth. I was thinking more along the lines of the actual labor and delivery, you so eloquently put it...God had other plans. :) It's nice to know he intercedes for us before the throne. Continuing to pray.

Glenda said...

Bless your heart for having --- and blogging about --- this perspective, Sandy. I encourage you to keep letting go. Interestingly, I had a baby due 21 years ago TODAY; Schuyler finally arrived August 12, 1989. It wasn't the idyllic birth I'd hoped and planned for --- but I'll spare you the details. In the end, it was God's perfect plan. I had a beautiful son --- and God banished some more of my Type A-ness as I surrendered to his will. His way is always best. Lean in, sweet sister. Lean in...